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Petit Fours Pin Cushions

    I can't eat chocolate, but the urge really never goes away. But  I love these little Petit Fours and they're absolutely non-fattening.

Which is not to say they're not addictive. I made a few for Christmas and I found I couldn't stop.They're tiny pin cushions made from felt and my hand-dyed threads.I was delighted to find that I could sew these by hand ( if you know me you know I have had trouble with that) .

So I'm offering these one of a kind confections signed and with their documentation as a Valentine Special. Normally the small ones are $16.95 and the larger ones are $19.95

Want to make them yourselves?  I'm also offering them as a 3 hour class. A perfect little half day project.

December 15, 2018
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