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Thread Magic Badges

Thread Magic Badges

Thread Magic Badges

Nothing creates more unique art than thread magic! The techniques Involved guarantee that your work is unlike anyone else’s. So why not use them to make a badge that declares who you are. We’ll be working with all kinds of embroidery threads using a mixture of machine quilting, embroidery, thread sketching ,embellishing to make your own name badge. This class gives a
smaller range project, that’s achievable in the class period. Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate 1 Session, 3 hours


A. Demo with decorative thread in bobbin,
machine embroidery techniques,
and machine beading

B. Discuss badge design

C. Discuss fabric and thread choices

D. . Prepare badge for quilting
1. Fuse two pieces of hand-dye together
2. Mark design

E. Begin quilting outline

F. Add embellishments

G. Show finishing technique

Materials for badges
2 4” x 6” pieces fabric for top (hand-dye available)
6” x 6”“ piece of Style a Shade
Steam a seam 2
Pin Back
Decorative threads? Metallics, rayons, irridescents, both thick and thin. (each metallic or thicker thread should have a light-weight, #40, rayon thread to match)
Novelty yarns(optional)
Small objects for embellishment (optional)
(kit of all materials available for $12.00 fee
Fees subject to change without notice)

Zig-zag sewing machine with darning foot
Topstitching needles #90
Extra bobbin case( optional for Pfaffs and drop in bobbin machines)
Extra Bobbins (5)
1 pair, scissors
Lo-ran Needle Threader
Chenille needles

Skill needs: For this class you need to know how to wind a bobbin, change a foot, turn on your machine, thread your machine and change a bobbin on the machine you are using.




December 15, 2018
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