Creature Comforts


Well the creatures of the house of course!

Should you come to the studio, you would meet, Birdy, Cara, Finnie, Ari, Momo and Hercule, all serious studio helpers and my creature comforts.

Why greyhounds?

I'm prejudiced of course. But they are the loveliest, smartest, most graceful dogs in the world. I've had greyhounds for 10 years now and consider them royal hounds, while others are merely dogs. They're ancient, they love everyone and they're bambi in the back yard. Queen Elizabeth kept 1,500 of them and we know what good taste she had.Cleopatra had them too. And St. Francis and many other medieval clerics saved the breed by protecting them during dark times in the middle ages. The racing dogs of today are fabulous pets. And a privilege.


Finnigan Flashbulb

Finnigan Flashbulb

Finnigan is sometimes called  my little pony. He's huge all over, especially his heart. His job is looking up lady's skirts. His hobby is also looking up ladys skirts. He's a happy boy.

Cara Candice Canis

Cara and Ellen

Cara is my shy girl. She was born Dear Ms. Candybar, but as a grown up dog she got a more grown up name. She never raced.She's 6 now. She could have posed for a statue of Anubis, if you had one that was painted black and white. She's very much mommy's baby. Her hobbies are barking, barking barking, chasing around the tree, and barking in that order.


Bedelia Birdy Buttercup

Birdy is a sunny soul who spends most of her time upside down waiting for tummy rubs. She has recently announced that her new name is "She who is", something like the "Artist Formerly Known as Prince". We are shopping for her tiara, but we haven't found one that fits yet.Her hobbies include squeeky toys and checking out the trash. She's lately developed several torid romances with men who have visited the studio. But the truth is, she loves everyone.

The Cat Herd

My cats are not permitted in the studio since it's separate from the house. But they run they run the house with an iron paw.

Nyamoto of the Iron Paw


and Hercule Pirot, detective way under cover


Both Momo and Hercule are brothers who came to me so shy they didn't come out under the furniture for 6 months. Consequentially they were considered a mystery ( where where they, were they using the pan, what did they really look like) and were given mystery names. 

Mo's hobby is howling in the basement and Hercule's hobby is stealth petting ( running under your hand so he pets you.)

Should I come to stay with you in my travels, let me know if you have dogs or cats. I'll either bring home made dog biscuits or home grown catnip as is appropriate.

December 15, 2018
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