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The Show I Won’t Get to See

Friday, October 11th, 2013

894 For the Bees PleaseTomorrow the Uptown  Blanco  Quilt Show opens!

902 Crescent moon

I remember the first show I had a quilt in. It was in a three story rotunda building. My quilt was on the top rung. I went up to it and started to pet it, and an eight year old boy barked at me”Don’t touch the quilt!” I gave him a wry embarrassed smile and said, “But it’s my quilt!” It didn’t matter. As a mother and child reunion, it was a strictly hands off situation.

I’ve shown quilts for 30 years. But it really never pales. You walk into the space and there it is, your quilt. No matter what anyone says in front of it, it’s your quilt. It’s a humbling moment. When it’s a group of your quilts, it’s jaw dropping. “They hung my quilts.” I still think it a thundering honor.  I’m never sure of how to act. So I usually answer questions and tell stories and generally fill the silence with my panic.

I won’t be there this time. But my quilts will be. And trust me, they’re loud. They fill the silence quite well with their colors, their untold stories, their energy, their ferocity. I’ve always wished I was as as verbal, as strong and as bold as my quilts. But they do quite well by themselves. So you’ll have to see them for me. And tell me how my children have fared

If you’re near either Austin or San Jose, you’re near enough to get to Blanco, TX. You’l also find a wonderful juried show surrounding them. 

 Uptown Blanco Quilt Show

3rd Annual Uptown Blanco Quilt Show

Uptown Blanco’s 3rd annual quilt show, “Colors of the Sky” hosted by the Uptown Blanco Textile Studio runs Friday, October 11 – Sunday, October 13. In addition to the 200 quilts on display, there will be special exhibits of quilts by internationally renowned quilters Louisa Smith and Ellen Anne Eddy. Ellen is our guest teacher and lecturer.

The Uptown Blanco Arts & Entertainment, Ltd. complex will be filled with quilts, wearable art, vendors and on display will be the patchwork smart car quilt that was created as a Breast Cancer Fundraising Campaign in Europe. The life size patchwork quilt completely covers a smart car and is made entirely of fabric donated and signed by over 20 celebrities including Russell Brand, Ryan Giggs, Sara Cox, Elizabeth Hurley, Rachel Stevens, Twiggy Lawson, Joanna Lumley, and Jane McDonald each selecting personal swatches of pink fabric from worn articles of clothing all used to create this special quilt.

Events Details:

This special exhibition showcases the vast wealth of quilts created in Blanco County and throughout the Texas Hill Country.

Event: Friday, October 11th
Reception: 5pm – 6:30pm
Show Hours: 12 noon – 7pm

Event: Saturday, October 12th
Show Hours: 10am – 5pm

Event: Sunday, October 13th
Show Hours: 12 noon – 4pm

Price: $5 entrance fee, children under 12 are free

Download 2013 Flyer ->
2013 Press Release ->

New Book !

Many Creatures Under Many Skies, a show booklet of my work will be available on sale at the show, as well as on my website. It’s available for sale now. 

9780982290156-many creatures front cover


 In case you’re no where near or you’re wishing you could have a souvenir, I’ve made a small show catalog, Many Creatures under Many Skies, for sale at  the show and on my web site.  It’s a grouping of some of the most exciting quilts I’ll be sending to the show in a cool little booklet.  You can order it now on my web site at

Dancing Trees

Dancing Trees






 I will be in Blanco  from Friday February 28th through Sunday March 2nd with some great classes and a lecture. You can sign up now!

Go see my quilts! Did I mention they’re for sale. Check at the new Uptown Blanco Textile Center for prices and availability.


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