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Thread Magic Summer School: Contrasts in Temperature

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

860 fall koiChanges in color temperature make very dramatic contrasts.  We talk about warm colors and cool colors on the color wheel. Traditionally the color wheel is divided into cool colors

Cool Colors

Cool Colors

warm colors

warm colors











Those colors used in an unbroken arc are analogous colors. They’re smooth, lovely and very pretty. The warm colors speak of sun and fire, and sunsets.
















The Cool colors speak of water and greenery and soft filtered light.

There’s not a lot of tension in analogous color. It’s gentle soft color.

But if we take cool colors against warm colors, we find ourself in a visual thermal shock. Cool color against warm pops images off the background every time.

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Use intense temperature differences to separate out figure/ground images. Bright or dark, they define the difference.

On the Refrigerator

We have the awesome work of Monique Kleinhans, from Kailispell, Montana. You’ll find her wide prairie visions at her web site Ladybug’s Cabin at Paint, Metal And Mud Gallery, and teaching at Glacier Quilts, in Kalispell, MT.

monique refrigerator 2r
















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Monique Kleinhans: Lunatic Nestled in the Kalispell Valley

Friday, October 19th, 2012

I met Monique at Glacier Quilts in Kalispell. Glacier Quilts is perhaps my most favorite store. It caters to people’s every pleasures. Huge pile of fabric, machines waiting for people to use, fabulous teachers,  babies to borrow, a place to drop off babies, and a coffee run when needed. It even has a sporting shop just outside where you can check your significant other. You can almost move in.

And it has, among the other amazing staff, Monique. 

Monique is constantly in creative motion. She studied costuming and theater at some point. But you get the feeling there are at least 6 quilts going on in her head, all at once.

Her work is as wild as where she lives. She’s in the valley nestled between the mountains and all the creatures seem to know her by name and come visit. Her work teams with them.

Monique makes bed quilts as well. But of course, I love her wild embroidery best!

Here’s what she says about herself.


“I was born in the Flathead Valley and raised on the farm where my grandfather grew up. Just as my father took up the plow from his father, I learned to love and work with fabric from my mother. An avid quilter and teacher, mom’s works lit my creative fire, and much of what I’ve learned has come from our playing and experimenting together.
I draw a lot of inspiration from the natural beauty around us; the constantly-changing seasons, and the majestic (and sometimes humorous) animals that wander by daily.” 
Her work includes traditional quilting techniques, appliqué, and thread painting, along with fabrics she hand-dyes  is available at Paint Metal and Mud Gallery, located in the Historic Kalispell Grand Hotel.

Monique teaches a variety of classes in textile art at Glacier Quilts.  You can also find some of her handcrafted items at her Etsy store at


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