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Open Season: It’s Hate Mail Time!

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

891 By the StreamI always find it interesting the things that people write when they feel they are anonymous. This is my second piece of hate mail in a month.

I had a brave little bunny write me some hate mail on hate mail, which is new even for me.  I’ve decided that I’m not absorbing hate in the dark this month or at any other time.

Obviously I’ve failed to meet this woman’s standards. I’m terribly sorry she didn’t let me know that at the time, when I could have possibly done something to  apologies for my failures and have addressed the problem. But it’s not that kind of letter. This is a letter strictly to shame someone. It’s supposed to shame me, I suppose.

Hate mail is not about the person being written to. It’s about the writer. It’s not about the faults of the person written to, although they might have those faults. It’s about the not so brave person who’s evidently held on to some offense from years ago, only to strike out in the dark years later.

Sad. And since it’s anonymous, unfix-able. Meant to be. I understand that I may fail and disappoint people. But a letter is like this is about shame and blame, not about correcting wrongs.

She said she didn’t want her name plastered on Facebook. That’s not what I would have done if she’d directly told me I’d offended her. I’d have asked what I could do to apologize. Instead she wrote a fairly hateful missile, which I’m showing in it’s entirety just so that she can see that whether her name is out there or not, her darkness is.

I’m not proud. Nor am I right or wrong. This isn’t as much about me as it is about her. And name or not, here she is with all her warts and mine, in the light.

So here’s her little note. 


Next time  have the courage to tell me what I did wrong to my face. And we’ll see what kind of self absorbed princess I am. For all my sins, I’ve never written anything to anyone I didn’t sign. You might not mind your name on Facebook if you weren’t doing something basically nasty.

By the way, did you know that kind of letter is  considered harassment and stalking?  And I do know who it is. This is bullying. And I won’t absorb this in  private. If you want to bully me, come into the light and tell me your name.


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