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Making Dragonflies Fly Tutuorial Part 2 Patternless Applique

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

853 dragonfly in bloom


 I have very little patience with patterns, recepis, instructions and general directions. My mother had a phrase for it. She called it a being a pig on ice. What it  meant was that you were being a large and confused creature who needed help and refused it in all forms. Of all people, she should have known. She had her own moments of skidding across slick surfaces.

It’s not that I can’t take direction. It’s that I want to know enough about something that the directions can be veryloose. And I want what I do to be unique.

This is why I teach patternless applique. This is why I do it. I want that freedom. I want you to have that freedom.

So for this video I show you how to form a dragonfly of sheer and brocade fabric just by cutting. 

inn fuse-4.part2 2


Because it’s so simple and fun that even a pig on ice such as myself can’t help but make a great dragonfly every time!





infuseAgain, we’re testing out Inn Fuse the new fusible craft film from Innovative Craft. And we tested it here on

  • brocade
  • glitter organza
  • tissue brocade
  • lame

You know, the fabrics you wanted to use but you were scared. Well slide over her, over onto
the ice and join us. It’s a lot of fun.

Thread Magic Garden

Thread Magic Garden

Thread Magic Garden also has more information on patternless applique and

making dragonflies fly! You can find it on my web site,on Amazon or at C&T

Next week we’ll show you the third part of the tutorial, stitching soft and hard edge applique!

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Making Dragonflies Fly/: A New Tutorial on Fusing with Sheers and Inn Fuse

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

You’ll also find this tutorial on You tube

471 Waterlily Waltz


infuse This week I have my first of three tutorials up for you on using Inn Fuse, Innovative Craft’s new fusible film. Iwas particularly excited to hear we have a new fusible film. I’ve been a Steam a Seam fan for some while, but since there’s been trouble getting Steam a Seam I’ve had to rethink how I workThere are several things that really mattered to me. Like release paper and the ablity to reposition my pieces. So when Inn Fuse came out, I was estatic to find a product with both those properties. I talked about this in an erlier post called A Box full of Rocks. Inn Fuse has  those  properties and some very fine virtues all it’s own. 

But whenever we have new products, they change how we work, how we think and what is possible. And there are some differences.

Inn Fuse is a lot stickier. It’s based on a nail polish remover solvent instead of  an alchohol base solvent. It can be run through an ink jet printer. And it’s amazing for all kinds of sheers as well as for cottons. Of course, it takes a little special handling.

So in the interest of not giving you a recipe for a cake that won’t rise, I’ve put three tutorials up. This one we’ll build a background on hand dyed cotton using all kinds of sheers and Inn Fuse. 

Here’s some of suggestions for using Inn Fuse:

  • Use teflon scissors:
  • Back your fabric with the release paper to make your cutting easier.
  • Use a pin to separate the glue from the paper
  • Use a discardable piece of cotton as your pressing cloth.
  • Iron thoroughly at a medium heat.
  • Don’t be afraid to be sheer! I used lace, tulle, organza, glitter organza, cheesecloth and oriental brocade. It worked on them all.

I’ll put up the next two segments over the next couple weeks. Look for them there.

You’ll find more information about Inn Fuse at Innovative Crafts.

teflon scissorsYou’ll find teflon Scissors at Havel. 

You’ll find me in studio cutting a whole bunch of dragonflies to be fused.



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Dragonfly Spotting: Researching Images with Pininterest

Friday, April 27th, 2012

I’m a frustrated archaeologist or paleontologist. My Dad read me God’s, Graves and Scholars when I was a kid, and took me to every natural history museum he could find. By the time we hit the tar pits, I was hooked.

As I got older I realized
a. I wouldn’t be able to handle the snake component.
b. I don’t want to 
hang out in baking sun.

But the fascination is always there.

So lately I’ve wanted to do a dragonfly in amber. How many dragonflies have I done over the years? I’ve honestly lost count. But I’ve always done live dragonflies. What makes a dragonfly look dead rather than alive. Time to look!

Now, good etiquette is that you never copy anyone. But all art is visual and all art is reference to something. Or put biblically, “There is nothing new under the sun.” So I use pictures as information. What angle does the wing take ?  What does it look like if it’s folded funny? How did the antenna go? It’s always my drawing, but it helps to have a reference.

Enter Pininterest.  I faced facebook with fear and dread. Until I realized it was the largest living room out there. I hesitated on blogging until I realized what an amazing connective community it creates. I guess I’ve passed some kind of threshold on social community, because I flew right into Pininterest. I know it’s not traditional to use it as a bulletin board for a project, but it does strike me as an amazing place to share a creative process. If I’ve fallen off some bridge into evil territory, I’m sure you’ll let me know.

Things I’ve noticed


The shiny sliver eye really does make them look alive. So no shiny eyes.



Broken bits of wings are very effective.

Source: via Ellen Anne on Pinterest


Limited color pallet creates that dead look.







There’s all kinds of bits of fossil around this stuff. Maybe that could be accomplished with oil stick rubbing?


Am I ready to start yet.

 Actually no. I’ve got a number of things that must happen first. But I’m very excited by my research.

I’ll continue to share this process with you. Next time we’ll look at Flotsam and Jetsam: Creating a Background 

As an update to this, I got a rather heated comment from an artist quite unhappy about Pininterest and pinning in general.  Her own work is not shown here or on any of my boards.  She felt it was generally an infringement. I now understand we are to get permission to pin  before we pin anything. I’m not sure how we do that, but I’ll try.  So should I have pinned something of yours that offends you please let me know and I’ll remove it immediately. You all have complete permission to pin anything of mine as long as it has my name and address on it.




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