Jacquie Scuittos Fun New Poetry Book, Quiltverse, Vol. One

Quiltverse Volume One by Jacquie Scuitto

Jacquie is a quilter’s quilter. Her quilt work is warm and scrappy and fun. But on top of that she does delightful verse that speaks to the quilter in us all. She reminds me of Cathy Miller’s insights into the quilt world, but with a voice all her own.


Her new book, Quiltverse, is a collection of poems that sound like every quilter I know. She has an ear for what we all say and a heart to say it well. I particularly liked her poem about the sewing machine.

The sewing machine is a wondrous thing
That I’ve never quite figured out:
The needle goes up and down, the bobbin goes round
And a nice neat stitch comes out.
For more years than I’ll tell I’ve used my machine
And sewn a mile or three,
But I still don’t understand how the stitches are formed.
Do you? Or is it just me?

and this is really the answer to all the unanswerable questions 

How long did it take to make that quilt?
(How long is a piece of string?)
How much does that quilt cost?
(How much is a bird on the wing?)
What price on creative dreaming?
What value to place on skill?
Is the time spent drudgery or fun?
Does it give the viewer a thrill?
Is it repeatable or one of a kind?
Would one WANT to make it again?
Trying to answer questions like these
Will sure strain a quilter’s brain!

A Black and White Tale

Jacquie teamed up with Ann Fahl  in 2011 to do a delightful book inspired by Ann’s cat quilts called A Black and White Tale. Her poems shine against Ann’s engaging images of Oreo the family cat.



I really love this new world where self publishing makes it possible for all kinds of people to showcase and document their work. It’s a wonderful thing!

Jacquie Scuitto

You’ll find Jacquie’s new ebook, Quiltverse, volume one, on Smashwords.

You’ll find her blog at http://quiltmuse.blogspot.com

You’ll find A Black and White Tale, her book with Ann Fahl at Ann’s site on www.annfahl.com

or on Amazon at www. amazon.com

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  1. You beat me to it, Ellen Anne Eddy
    I wanted to blog, but just wasn’t ready
    to rhyme and rave about Jacquie Scuitto
    Her Quilt Verse ebook is quite a hoot-oh!

  2. […] gift list!  Order it here.  And for another review, hop on over to Ellen Anne Eddy’s blog, here.  Yes, I’m biased—I’m so happy that Jacquie is my friend; she’s a good […]

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