Errol’s Stole: The Art You Make for your Moms

errols stoll

I’ve said I don’t do commissions often. Even less often do I make something for someone. I’ve done that since I was five and it’s lost a lot of it’s pleasure for me. That strained look. The “Oh you shouldn’t have,” comment.

Some people deeply appreciate your work and for some people it’s just an object. Sometimes they just don’t understand.

This doesn’t look like my work, because in a very real way it isn’t. I crafted it. But the person who wanted it gave me their specifications, their design ideas. In a way, I lent them my hands.

Father Errol is a priest I’ve known for over ten years. He’s been an endless source of support and good sense for all of that time. He’s a lovely extra mom. He’s at a point where there are some lovely life changes coming for him. So this stole is to celebrate that.

For those of you who know liturgical art, the symbols and colors chosen for a stole have deep meaning, sometimes in history sometimes just to the priest himself. It is, in a way, an extension of who he is and what his ministry is.

I don’t mind lending my hands to someone who’s held mine. It’s a whole other kind of gift. I’ve had a number of fabulous other mother’s. Errol is one of the best. As they say, make something that makes someone happy.

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