Mad Science and Art Part 2

blue flowerw

One of the great things about being an artist is that  you get to redefine how people use all kinds of artistic toys.

There’s a mad kind of creativity that ends up reaching for the oddest tools at the strangest moments. It’s how we grow.  In the main, it’s embarrassingly awkward, thrashing around with with the pile of things that might work.

This week I was shaping leaves and flowers with Innovative Crafts  Heat and Shape. We’ll have a full article in the Winter Issue of Crazy Quilt Magazine, and you can read it there. 

ironing toolsw

I spent yesterday trying out different curling irons on this stuff. This is from a woman whose worn a pixie hair cut at least 40 years of her life.  We even tried out the one with balls. It didn’t exactly  work the way I expected but it did curve petals.

None of it happens if you can’t try and fail with abandon. I lack any rational linear ability to reason in straight lines. That’s ok. I can thrash through one weird idea after another with abandon. The only times I really get into trouble is when someone sets up a system that will only work one way. I’m not very good at systems that only work one way.

And after I’ve dyed fabric in the crock pot and quilted my quilt upside down with a Sweet Sixteen, what did you expect?

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One Response to “Mad Science and Art Part 2”

  1. Wow Ellen, these leaves look very dimensional.They’re gorgeous!
    I’m with you on there being more than one way to do things.I always have trouble with sewing(or any “Purists”), who try to tell you their way is the only way.
    I guess that’s why I loved teaching Dyslexic students.The usual ways of teaching just didn’t work with them .I did some of my most creative teaching with these great kids, and it was 2 way- they taught me so much too.Some of the most Creative people I’ve known have been Dyslexic.
    Will get the Winter mag. to read more.Thanks

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