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So much of my art is done in layers. Sheer applique is layer after layer of color and texture. I create a layer of hand dye, then add a layer of stitching, add another layer of sheers, add a solid image and then add more stitching and sheers. I don’t so much design a quilt as I build one in layers.


So its a good thing to try those layers on a whole other platform. I’ve begun some while back to study Photoshop on, which is a software classroom web site. I don’t know  anyone knows Photoshop. But I’ve learned some tricks and it’s interesting it, too, works in layer.


I started with a great abbey hall and soften the image.



abby window




granville 3_0003_abby window






I added in two Granville drawings. Grandville was Jean Ignace Isidore Gérard  generally known by the pseudonym of J. J. Grandville, who did fabulous character drawings in the 1900s in France.








I put in a painted layer underneath to add color


granville 3_0001_Layer 1granville 3_0000_Layer 2granville 3_0002_Layer 3




And added white swirls for energy and pattern.


Then I slid the color panel to the right.


What did I learn?


What I’ve always known. All art is art is art. Playing with layers in one form is no different than playing with another form. And I learned I like white swirls, a lot!



granville 3So get out the paint, the computer, or the organza, or the very wierd lace. Layers make a rich tapestry to delight the eye. The building of patterns and textures make the rich and fabulous world in which we celebrate our art!


You’ll more information on Grandville granville 3aat


grandville bookDover has a great digital design source book on his work. has classes on almost anything and everything. It’s a fabulous way to learn new software.


Go play hard at something new! It’s amazing what happens when you bring that skill back to your own art.





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6 Responses to “Making Art in Layers”

  1. annie! says:

    It IS amazing! Beautiful art, Ellen! I love, love, love layers, layers, layers!!!

  2. Susan says:

    Amazing, as usual! I’d love to walk around in your head for a while–sooo inspirational.

  3. shelly says:

    Greetings Oh Lady of Layers: I shall be in Blanco next weekend. Alas life did not allow me to take a class from you. So sad about that. But I shall be traveling to Blacno for Sunday. Maybe we shall glide into each other. Enjoy the Texas HIll Country and sweet tea. Shelly Beth who lives on the bay in Rockport, TX.
    PS skip the barbacue and go for the Mexican Food…humble opinion here

  4. Sue says:

    Beautiful….I only wish I could do it as well as you do…

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