Making Dragonflies Fly/: A New Tutorial on Fusing with Sheers and Inn Fuse

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infuse This week I have my first of three tutorials up for you on using Inn Fuse, Innovative Craft’s new fusible film. Iwas particularly excited to hear we have a new fusible film. I’ve been a Steam a Seam fan for some while, but since there’s been trouble getting Steam a Seam I’ve had to rethink how I workThere are several things that really mattered to me. Like release paper and the ablity to reposition my pieces. So when Inn Fuse came out, I was estatic to find a product with both those properties. I talked about this in an erlier post called A Box full of Rocks. Inn Fuse has  those  properties and some very fine virtues all it’s own. 

But whenever we have new products, they change how we work, how we think and what is possible. And there are some differences.

Inn Fuse is a lot stickier. It’s based on a nail polish remover solvent instead of  an alchohol base solvent. It can be run through an ink jet printer. And it’s amazing for all kinds of sheers as well as for cottons. Of course, it takes a little special handling.

So in the interest of not giving you a recipe for a cake that won’t rise, I’ve put three tutorials up. This one we’ll build a background on hand dyed cotton using all kinds of sheers and Inn Fuse. 

Here’s some of suggestions for using Inn Fuse:

  • Use teflon scissors:
  • Back your fabric with the release paper to make your cutting easier.
  • Use a pin to separate the glue from the paper
  • Use a discardable piece of cotton as your pressing cloth.
  • Iron thoroughly at a medium heat.
  • Don’t be afraid to be sheer! I used lace, tulle, organza, glitter organza, cheesecloth and oriental brocade. It worked on them all.

I’ll put up the next two segments over the next couple weeks. Look for them there.

You’ll find more information about Inn Fuse at Innovative Crafts.

teflon scissorsYou’ll find teflon Scissors at Havel. 

You’ll find me in studio cutting a whole bunch of dragonflies to be fused.



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2 Responses to “Making Dragonflies Fly/: A New Tutorial on Fusing with Sheers and Inn Fuse”

  1. Susan Isaacson says:

    can’t wait for part 2 and 3!

  2. Hi Ellen.This new Inn Fuse adhesive, works so well doesn’t it?!! Wow, the fact that you can re-position it is a real bonus, and it makes fusing all those tricky sheers very simple!
    I am bout to do a search locally to see if I can find some.
    Thanks so much for this tutorial.
    Just love your posts regarding colour theory.I must say, I find this topic quite challenging. I think I have an ok intuitive colour sense, but I used my knowledge from your past few posts to try something different with yellow and blue.I can’t wait to try some other colour combos.
    I think there is so much to learn about colour,.Guess if I just do a little bit at a time, it will come together down the track.
    Thabnks for all your inspiration.I love your work.I am just about to find my cording foot and have a play.I looked at your Qyuilting Arts tutorial.
    Judy xx

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