Once More with Feeling: Sunflowers. Drawn to the Sun

555 Drawn to the Sun 2 bg (1)Once you acknowledge that you are never alone in a garden, you become aware of the life around you. The squirrels, the bugs, the robin that arrives in late March and the hummingbird that visits each July. In the cycle of things, you come to expect their arrival. And plan for it. Your garden is their home. They may be good neighbors or bad, but they are your neighbors, and you come to accommodate their schedules and needs.

vincent-van-gogh-vase-with-twelve-sunflowers-art-print-posterI love the ragged shapes of sunflowers. They’re the dinosaur of the plant world. Not because of their age so much or lineage but because of their huge rough presence. I’ve seen circles of them grown as a play house for children. I saw a wedding where someone created the isle for the bride with them . Van Gogh knew what he was doing.  He painted them over .You just cant beat them.

But better still. They are the ultimate bird, squirrel, mouse, and bird feeder. And you don’t have to do anything but plant them and ring the dinner bell. You’ll find your serving dinner for  a cast of thousands



This sunflower volunteered in my front yard while I was  writing Thread Magic Garden. When I went to break down the shapes it was simplicity itself. It’s simple s shapes with an oval center. Depending on how you’re viewing the flower, the petals either radiate out from the center, or spread out from one side and fold over the center on other side. Either way, YUM!

So I’ve regularly documented the many creatures that come to the banquet table in my garden. And one of their favorite dishes.

thread+magic+gardentnThread Magic Garden documents embroidering sunflowers, step by step. You’ll find it on my web page.



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  1. Lyn Ennis says:

    Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers to grow, display, draw, and sew. They come in so many sizes and colors now, but the big standard ones are still my favorite ones. Your sunflowers inspire me to thread paint a few of my own cuz it will be some time before they start growing here in the Pacific Northwest!

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