The Sprinkles on the Donut

After years of drawing bugs and frogs it has occurred to me that I’m a bit odd. All artists are, mostly. The ones who look normal pass well.
I’m not that good an actress.

I was at church for Christmas day. The choir at this church takes off for Christmas. I could have sat in the choir pews, but I ended up in the general congregation.

I’m not an alto as a show off. It’s simply where  my range is. I can’t sing the high notes reliably. It happens occasionally, but like Tuesday, anything could happen. So I was singing the alto line, against the bulk of the congregation on the melody.

It’s different within the choir. You expect to hear the part above and below you. The blend is planned and it’s where you belong.
This was much more separate, and more isolating. 

At the end of the service it occurred to me that much of my life is that way: a counterpoint to melodies I can not reach. My plans for the holiday collapsed and I ended up  more alone than was comfortable.

I was speaking afterwards to the choir director who said, “You know, you’ll never be the donut. You’re the sprinkles on the donut. And that’s why we want the donut anyway.

Now the nicest thing about the sprinkles on the donut is that they come in a range of color. They’re practically an edible color chart.

I don’t get to eat donuts either, but I’ve learned to appreciate allergy foods as a visual experience. And I’m an edible color chart! There are worse fates and worse goals.

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3 Responses to “The Sprinkles on the Donut”

  1. Pat Winter says:

    Oh Ellen, I almost stopped by Christmas Eve. I ended up letting John run my errands since he offered so I sat tight at home. I wish I would have kept my original plans 🙁
    John goes back to work after the 2nd and we must visit!!!!

  2. Ellen Anne Eddy says:

    Time will come. My preview copy of the book is here and I'd love to show you.

  3. Lili says:

    being raised an atheist and unchurched i'm not sure i quite follow… but i sure am hungry for a sprinkled donut 🙂

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