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The Counterpoint to the Melody.

Monday, April 2nd, 2012


There are times I’m convinced I’m simply living wrong.

For the second time in less than a year I’m having the discussion with a church choir over singing in unison. I left the first church on account of that. If my owl looks a bit peeved, you’ve got the point.

It sounds so simple. Let’s just all sing the melody! The congregation will follow you better. It will sound more strong. It will be more simple.

Unfortunately, it is simple. It doesn’t take into account just what it sounds like if you can’t sing the melody.There are people who can’t sing in a key outside their voice without singing in the key of off. So what it really is, is a way of telling people who are different to be silent. I hate to be told to be silent.

It used to enrage me. Now it makes me breathtakingly sad.

So much of life is about finding a way to bridge our differences. For some the gap is wider than others. I do believe it’s counterproductive to see ourselves as terminally unique. The word special has had connotations that make my teeth hurt. Sometimes ordinary is an amazing accomplishment. And what is worse is that once you get around to that kind of thinking, nothing about yourself is ordinary enough to pass. It’s a counterpart to the melody. It’s the artist’s theme song, sung Allie McBeal style in your head.

For those of us without homelife, we sing the counterpoint of independance, interdependance and constructive work to the constrains of people who have people who need them.

For those of us without children, we sing the aunt or uncle’s lullaby. Odd but endearing, a counterpoint to the parent’s world.

For those of us who write, dance, draw, sculpt, sew and struggle, we sing the counterpart of creation past the security of a regular job.

It would be so simple to sing the melody. But simple isn’t always possible. It’s completely out of my reach. So the counterpart is what I have to offer. I try to tune it to the mass of music around it. My hope is that it’s place and purpose is to enrich the melody I cannot really sing. And to believe it all to ┬ábe a single whole sound.

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