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New Show, New Book, New Raccoon

Monday, September 30th, 2013

906 Cicada SongNext week I’m shipping a show off to Blanco TX

The studio is crammed with boxes and quilts and photo set ups and a racoon trap. Yes you heard me right. A raccoon trap.

I will have  a series of 35 works, large and small at the Uptown Blanco Quilt Show October 11-13th. It should be a grand display of a number of quilters work, but I’m proud that they’re featuring such a nice body of work display for me . If you’re near either Austin or San Jose, you’re near enough to get to Blanco

 Uptown Blanco Quilt Show3rd Annual Uptown Blanco Quilt Show

Uptown Blanco’s 3rd annual quilt show, “Colors of the Sky” hosted by the Uptown Blanco Textile Studio runs Friday, October 11 – Sunday, October 13. In addition to the 200 quilts on display, there will be special exhibits of quilts by internationally renowned quilters Louisa Smith and Ellen Anne Eddy. Ellen is our guest teacher and lecturer.

The Uptown Blanco Arts & Entertainment, Ltd. complex will be filled with quilts, wearable art, vendors and on display will be the patchwork smart car quilt that was created as a Breast Cancer Fundraising Campaign in Europe. The life size patchwork quilt completely covers a smart car and is made entirely of fabric donated and signed by over 20 celebrities including Russell Brand, Ryan Giggs, Sara Cox, Elizabeth Hurley, Rachel Stevens, Twiggy Lawson, Joanna Lumley, and Jane McDonald each selecting personal swatches of pink fabric from worn articles of clothing all used to create this special quilt.

Events Details:

This special exhibition showcases the vast wealth of quilts created in Blanco County and throughout the Texas Hill Country.

Event: Friday, October 11th
Reception: 5pm – 6:30pm
Show Hours: 12 noon – 7pm

Event: Saturday, October 12th
Show Hours: 10am – 5pm

Event: Sunday, October 13th
Show Hours: 12 noon – 4pm

Price: $5 entrance fee, children under 12 are free

Download 2013 Flyer ->
2013 Press Release ->

New Book !

9780982290156-many creatures front coverIn case you’re no where near or you’re wishing you could have a souvenir, I’ve made a small show catalog, Many Creatures under Many Skies, for sale at  the show and on my web site. You can pre order them on my site. It’s a grouping of some of the most exciting quilts I’ll be sending to the show in a cool little booklet.  You’ll find a preorder for it on my web site at



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raccoonLast night as I was finishing up the last three quilts there was a  series of odd bumps coming from the studio bathroom. My neighbor Mary and I were  there. She’d used the bathroom. I went in. And an odd churring noise coming from the closet. We spent this morning, the exterminator and myself, emptying the closet in search of racoons. No Luck. There’s a trap in the studio bathroom.  I’m going up to finish the last 2 quilts. I may choose to wear stomping boots.

It’s all to the glory of art.

Dyslexia and the Modern World- How You Do What You Can

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Fall Confetti Detail

Fall Confetti Detail

One of the horrors of growing up a teacher’s child is that everyone expects you to be good at things. And to be good. Good luck!

I made a best effort try over the years being a goody two shoes mixed with just a bit of a smart Alec. But I never could write or spell. At all. My spelling was practically Shakespearean ( meaning any way it could be phonetically guessed at.)

 I was in grad school studying dyslexia when I realized I was one. Is it a gift? Absolutely. It’s a born way to see the world differently. If you can actually show someone else a different world, they are richer by far. If you can show the world that, you can change it. I’ve taken far more joy from my dyslexia than sorrow. You just have to make it make sense to everyone else.

This does not mean it’s not a complete humiliation when you spell the world catalog incorrectly on the cover of your new catalog.

Enter the modern world.

Spell check! Online ( and therefore instantly correctable) publishing! And hopefully a forgiving world of people who know they hired you as a teacher and artist and not a English  teacher.

My mother is surely rolling in her grave. But I hope the rest of you can celebrate this moment of creative dyslexia, corrected by some much appreciated modern science.


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