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Hand Dyed Fabric

Hand Dyed Fabric


Ellen always has a selection of individual pieces of hand-dyed cottons and threads. All of her cottons are dyed with Procian fiber reactive dye. She uses high quality PFD print cotton that takes the dye beautifully. They've been washed out twice and are very colorfast and needle ready. Her colors are vibrant and strong.

Ellen's hand dyed fabric is 45" wide roughly. Fabrics available change slightly and shrinkage is unpredictably, but all of her dyed fabric is prewashed and needle ready.  It runs $28 per yard. Cuts come in 1/2, 1 and 1 1/2 yard lengths, unless you request Ellen dye something specific for you.

Because each piece is individual, it's tricky to order just what you want on line. So Ellen lets you pick out the right things for you at home. Call Ellen and let her know roughly what you are looking for (size, color, light source fabric or all over design). What she will do is send a box of thread and/or fabric to your specifications and let you choose which pieces work for you. Return the pieces you don't want, and pay the postage both ways. This works as well with groups. Ellen will also dye fabric or clothing for your specifications.

$50 minimum order

 Call or email her and let her know what you need.

Want more information about how to dye fabric and thread? 

Dye Day WorkbookEllen's book Dye Day Workbook can help.

Or ask your guild to hold Ellen's Dye Dye Class.









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June 25, 2018
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