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Meeting in a Box

Meeting in a Box

The word is out! People love the Meeting in a Box!

A lot of the fun you have when national teachers come to visit is, let's face it, the shopping. They bring you great ideas, thoughts, tecniques and visual stimulation, but they also bring the new things they're working with that make your work new and fresh. I usually bring hand-dyed fabrics, threads, sheers and books and cds that come directly from my studio.

It's great if you have a group with the means to have a national teacher each month. But sometimes the budget is tight for that.  So I've offered the Meeting in a Box. I'll send you all those wonderful supplies that I create in my studio and you can pick exactly what you like.

We've added a special dvd to the Meeting in the Box program! Sometimes folk aren't so sure what to buy or how to use it. This little DVD of Ellen has all
that information, and you can play it for your group on a dvd player or computer screen..

 We ask that your  group collectively purchase $100 and  pay for the shipping back and forth. Then your group can purchase whatever they want and return the rest. What a great  program for a meeting where you haven't got a speaker planned. Contact Ellen to set it up!

December 15, 2018
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