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Ellen Anne Eddy Seminar Suggestions

Ellen Anne Eddy Seminar Suggestions

Two Days: 2 6 hour sessions:

Thread Magic II Thread Magic I together.
I recommend scheduling Thread Magic II first. We’ll first teach the basic Thread Magic skills, then we’ll make our thread image, and finally incorporate it within the stitching on our quilt on the second day.

Sheer Magic and Thread Magic 1 together.
I recommend scheduling Sheer Magic first. We’ll first we’ll build a landscape and then fill it with Thread Magic on the second day.

Thread Magic Jacket:
As a two-day class I can teach the thread magic jacket in one day, but many people want more time to work on their jackets in class. A two-day spread gives enough time to do all the demos and really have studio time

Drawing Water from the Well:
Revisioning ourselves Being an artist is a delicate balancing act. We are creators, but our biggest creation is always ourselves. We are always restructuring, revising and revitalizing ourselves as artists. Most of the time we stretch our technical abilities. But here we’ll spend a open ended weekend looking deep within our own creative well to draw the artist’s waters for ourselves, by creating 4 masks that reveal instead of conceal, working with personal imagery, fairy tales, myths songs, stories and multiple techniques.

Three Days: 3 6 hour sessions:

Thread Magic II, Sheer Magic, Thread Magic I
We’ll spend our first day first teaching basic Thread Magic skills, then making our thread image, spend our second working out a fantastic landscape for it, and spend the third incorporating it

Four Days: 4 6 hour sessions:

Do or Dye, Thread Magic II, Sheer Magic, and Thread Magic I
We can dye our own fabric, create our thread images, then our landscape, and finally stitch it into our quilt

Five Days: 5 6 hours sessions:

Color Lecture, Do or Dye, Thread Magic Lecture, Thread
Magic II, Sheer Magic, and Thread Magic 1, Ties that Bind
In five days we can cover color theory, dye fabric, discuss how other people are using threads in quilting, work out our thread
images, build a landscape of sheers and hand-dye. Stitch that into our quilt and discuss binding and troubleshooting with
quilts that are heavily embroidered., and have plenty of studio time for students work.

Seminar Lecture special:

Have Ellen scheduled for 2 class days and a lecture and get your guild lecture for $50 off.

Have Ellen scheduled for 3 class days and a lecture and get your lecture for $100 off.

Not seeing exactly the class you’d like me to teach? Ask me. I’m happy to build a class for your guild’s needs.

Always expect a wonderful selection of wall hangings for you to see up close and in person. I also make my own hand-dyed
fabric, threads, stabilizers and quilts available as a resource for sale for your guild.

Travel expenses extra.

If your guild has a no- sale policy or a percentage they require from teacher’s sales, my fees are slightly higher.

See my contract for details about class pricing.


December 15, 2018
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