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Dye Day Workshop

Dye Day Workshop


©2011 Dye Day Workshop

Light Source fabric you dye yourself can give exactly what you need for your creative process. Combine some techniques of tie-dye and fabric painting
 to create the perfect surface for machine quilting, embroidery and embellishment.
Skill level:  Beginner / expert. Skill set: Fabric dyeing, Thread Dyeing, Color.  

1 Session    6 hours

Fabric testing     
A. How it works:  kitchen chemistry
1. Discuss chemical process for Procian dyes
2. Discuss color theory
 a. Desired effects
  (1). Light sources
  (2) Complimentary effects
  (3) Utilizing analogs
  (4) Marvelous monochromatics
 b. Utilizing the happy accident
  (1Tie-dye effects
  (2) Spills, splashes and left-over dye puddles
B. Preparations
 1. Fabric preparation
  a. Burn testing for fabric content
b. Determining size
  c.  Pre-dye scrub
  d.  Washing Soda Soak
 2. Dye area preparation and safety
 3. Dye preparation
a. Chemical water
  b. Mixing dye
C. Dyeing
 A. Demo different dye techniques
 B. Students dye fabric
D.  Clean up wash-out procedures
Personal Tools:
 2 buckets
box of 16/24 crayons
 dish pan
 grubby work clothes
plastic zip lock bags (sandwich and  gallon)
rubber glove
 100% cotton fabric
 Pearl Cotton
 Procion dye
            Washing soda


Studio Tools:
Access to sinks
 large tables
 Tarps for covering floors and tables and walls
 100 9oz. Plastic cups
100 cosmetic sponges

I can supply fabric and chemicals, cups, sponges and workbook (all materials) for students for a $108 kit fee. You’ll finish with over $250 worth of dyed fabrics and threads. Your kit includes 10 yards of fabric, 2 yards of cheesecloth and 2 skeins of pearl cotton for dyeing.
Workbook available separately for class.  Prices subject to change without notice.



I have done this class in a regular hotel classroom, in people’s garages or yards. It takes special classroom preparation, but it is workable.You
are welcome to bring 2 cotton, rayon, hemp or bamboo garments you’d like to dye. I cannot guarantee results on fabrics or garments you bring.

Student Class Information. Please read this before class.

I know many of the things I use for creating my fabrics are hard to find. This particular class has a kit because I know I can trust the materials I buy to give you really beautiful fabric. If you wish to bring in your own materials, I cannot be responsible for results. There are a lot of PFD fabrics out there, and some are definitely better than others. Should you want more than 10 yards of fabric, let me know and we can order that for you. Your class includes source materials so you can order fabric later for yourself when you wish.

You’re welcome to bring 2 items to dye to class. A few more are ok if it’s underwear or socks.  Check to see that they are mostly plant fibers. Cotton, flax, rayon, and bamboo all dye beautifully. Anything with polyester, nylon, or micro fiber probably won’t. Things that are mostly cotton with 2-5% lycra actually dye well too. I always dye cotton garments I’ve worn and got spots on. It’s a brand new lease on life for them. Do wash things first.

These dyes are considered safe, but they are chemicals. They do need to be treated with respect. Don’t bring in food where you dye and don’t eat in the dye room. It’s almost impossible not to contaminate things. Eat and drink well before and after, but not in a room full of chemicals. If you have breathing problems, asthma, or are hyper allergic to other chemicals, check with your doctor. I will mix dyes for you, but there are some people who are troubled by the smell of dye.

As a personal favor, please don’t wear perfumes or anything with strong scents, or clothes that have perfume on them. I’m quite allergic to them. Other people may be too.

If you have questions or problems or anything you are having trouble finding, feel free to call me and discuss it before class. I may be able to bring what you need  to make things work better for you.

Ellen Anne Eddy, 125 Franklin, Porter, IN 46304 219-9210885E-mail at Web site at Office Manager at  405-735-3703

December 15, 2018
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