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Thread Magic: Painting with Thread

Thread Magic: Painting with Thread


© 2011 Thread Magic: Painting with Thread

Solid thread-painted images  using #40 threads and zigzag embroidery
and thread painting skills to create solid shaded images and three dimensional appliqué working with alternative threads. Skill level: intermediate/expert project oriented workshop. Skill Set: Free motion zigzag stitching directions and angles, zoning, color theoryfor thread painting, thread   1 session 6 hours

A. Free Motion Zigzag Tutorial: Stitching directions
a. Straight: smoothing
b. To the side: shading
c. At an angle: outlining
B. Design concerns
a. Planning for distortion
b. Zoning
c. Segmenting
d. Planning shading sections
e. The eye zone
            C. Thread Tutorial
                          1. Metallics, flat, round, and flecked
                           2.  Polyester
                           3. Choosing background fabric for embroidery
D. Color theory for thread
            E.  Quilting demo, thread shading and stitch techniques
            F. Choose threads
            G  Begin embroidery
  H.  Demo appliqué of finished work and embellishment of background
        using alternative threads from  the back

 Materials for embroidered appliqué
  ½ yard fabric for top and embroidery (hand-dye available)
8 “x 8” square of polyester felt
11 “x 8” sheet of Steam-A-Seam 2
Badge master 12” square (optional for wings and see through leaves, etc.)
      Totally Stable (Optional) if you want to draw your own pattern
     Nylon organza, lace or tulle (optional)
      #40 or #30 weight decorative threads Metallics, rayons, irridescents,
     monofilament nylon thread (A large range of colors is helpful here.)

      Halo Hoop
       Zigzag sewing machine with darning foot                     
       #90 topstitching needles
       Extra Bobbins (10-20)
       1 pair, scissors

Stabilizer and fabric kit available: ½  hand dyed fabric (of your choice) plus all stabilizers and pattern for $19
I don’t do thread kits for most classes because they limit creativity but I do make threads and fabrics available to students in class. If you have doubts or concerns about what to bring, please contact me.

Student Class Information. Please read this before class.

I know many of the things I use for creating my quilts are hard to find. I won’t do kits for most classes because kits limit what I can bring you and limit your choices for your work. Instead I bring all kinds of resources into class for you so you can have what you need in class, without having to purchase something you don’t want.

Please bring anything you want to experiment with to class if you have them. But don’t worry about finding things that you don’t know where to get. Kit’s for fabric and stabilizer are available. But I leave thread choices up to you. I’ll bring in the right stabilizers, fusibles, hand-dyed fabrics, the best threads, and tools I trust. They’re there for you to choose so you can pick exactly what you need and want in class. You can make a tab and settle up at the end of your class time.

A big part of enjoying a class is being able to participate and experiment.  If your machine isn’t working right, it makes that harder. I will make every effort to help you if your machine is in trouble, but there are things you should do to help avoid problems.

Please bring a machine you are familiar with!  If you are borrowing a machine, make sure you know how to thread the machine, wind a bobbin, and change the feet. Bring your manual if you can, and all your attachments.

In general, sewing machines are like cars. They need regular maintenance. Before any machine class, please take your machine out, check that it has the correct feet, and that it's working properly. If it hasn't been tuned up in the last two years, please have that done. Your good experience in any machine quilting class depends on your machine being in its best condition.

You probably know what you need to make your sewing day more comfortable.  If you are more comfortable with a special light, chair or a pillow, bring it.  Also if you have an extending table for your machine, that can be a great help.

As a personal favor, please don’t wear perfumes or anything with strong scents. Or clothes that have perfume on them. I’m quite allergic to them. Other people may be too.

If you have questions or problems with your machine, or anything you are having trouble finding, feel free to call me and discuss it before class. I may be able to bring just the right gadget or book to make things work better for you.

Ellen Anne Eddy, 125 Franklin, Porter, IN 46304 219-9210885E-mail at Web site at Office Manager at  405-735-3703 or 405-361-5356

December 15, 2018
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