Thread Magic 2: Embroidered Applique

Solid thread-painted images utilizing reverse appliqué techniques, embroidery
skills and thread painting skills to create solid shaded images and three
dimensional appliqué working with alternative threads. Skill level:
intermediate/ expert project oriented workshop. Skill level, intermediate /expert
1 session 6 hours see contract for class pricing
Class Outine

A. Discuss quilt design
1. Show personal work
2. Discuss inspiration and source books

B. Draw up design

C. Discuss fabric and thread choices
1. Metallics, flat, round, and flecked
2. Rayons
3. Choosing background fabric for embroidery

E. Quilting demo, thread shading and stitch techniques

F. Discuss technique choices

G Choose threads

H. Begin embroidery

I. Discuss blocking piece

J. Discuss placement of appliqué into the piece

K. Demo reverse appliqué technique to prepare a background
for appliqué

L. Prepare surface for appliqué
M. Demo appliqué of finished work and embellishment
of background
using alternative threads from the back

Materials for embroidered appliqué
½ yard fabric for top and embroidery (hand-dye available)

9"x22" Piece of Fuse a Shade or Style a Shade ( thick iron on Pellon)
Solvy (optional)
Totally Stable
Nylon organza, lace or tulle (optional)
#40 or #30 weight decorative threads?Metallics, rayons, irridescents,
monofilament nylon thread (A large range of colors is helpful here.)

Embroidery hoop ( the flat thin wooden German machine embroidery hoops really
are best)
Zig zag sewing machine with darning foot
#90 topstitching needles
Extra Bobbins (5-20)
1 pair, scissors

I don’t do kits for most classes because they limit creativity but I do make threads
and fabrics available to students in class. If you have doubts or concerns about
what to bring, please contact me.

Ellen Anne Eddy
125 Franklin
Porter, IN 46304
E-mail at
Web site at
Office Manager at 405-361-5356