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Surviving Social Media 

 I feel pretty much the same about change as I do about dental work. It never seems like a good idea until it's essential, and then it's the only thing to do.

Lately I've been helping some stores do their social media. It's a lot of fun. It's a way of supporting small stores, which I really believe in. And it's a way of showing off the fabulous people in them.

Do you have a store where you'd like to be more involved with Facebook, Pinterest, Blogging and other sites? Will your head spin off if you take up one more thing you have to do? I'm happy to customize a social media plan for your individual store to meet your needs and budget. 

I've been doing that for around six months for Threadbenders Quilt Shop in Michigan City

we can do it pegIt's been a hoot. Peg Cullen West owns the store and is and great quilt person. She's staffed her store with very expert and passionate quilters. She's opened her doors to quilters of all kinds and hosts the Michana Modern Quilt Guild.  

I've loved photoshopping this store and branding it in unforgettable ways. They now have an integrated PinterestFacebook, and  Blog and what I'm really doing is simply showing them off. I write their blog, find entertaining projects and bits of humor and show them as a great shop and great quilting community which they are.

One media pathway isn't really enough. You don’t want them to find you once. You want them to find you everywhere they look. You want to build not only name recognition, but a presence they remember. The social media world divides into several kinds of sites that provide different kinds of exposure. No one path will attract everyone. But a skillful weaving of those paths can create an excellent way to you or to the person or store that can help you. Being out there in a brick and mortar store provides a small local presence. Being on the internet in a skillful blending of media puts you at everyone's fingertips. It serves individuals, groups and stores alike, in ways can be fashioned to work for your circumstances to bring you to the people you need, and the people who need you.

So I'm looking for 3 to 4  more store to do this for. I can't really do it for more than that. I intend to be choosy, because you really need to care about a store to do it well.

I'm still delighted to come teach. But I'm changing as the world changes, and I'm really delighting in supporting and growing a small local business I believe in.

There's a series of articles I've written on social media at Quilting Hub.  Quilting Hub is a media information center that's wonderfully expansive and community responsive. It's a great place to find all things quilty.

Art is not always your art. Sometimes it's artfully living. Sometimes it's showcasing someone else's artful living. It's all a creative effort towards joy.

And I'm looking for a few good stores. If you have, or know of a small store that might be interested, contact me at ellenanneeddy@gmail.com


The Uptown Blanco Show was a great Success.

I'll be teaching there in March!

894 For the Bees Please


New Book !

Many Creatures Under Many Skies, a show booklet of my work will be available on sale at the show, as well as on my website. It's available for sale now. 

9780982290156-many creatures front cover


 In case you're no where near or you're wishing you could have a souvenir, I've made a small show catalog, Many Creatures under Many Skies, for sale at  the show and on my web site.  It's a grouping of some of the most exciting quilts I'll be sending to the show in a cool little booklet.  You can order it now on my web site at http://www.ellenanneeddy.com/store.php?cat=1

Dancing Trees
Dancing Trees





 I will be in Blanco  from Friday February 28th through Sunday March 2nd with some great classes and a lecture. You can sign up now!

Go see my quilts! Did I mention they're for sale. Check at the new Uptown Blanco Textile Center for prices and availability.


New book, new show, new racoon!906 Cicada Song



Tutorial on Layers

435 Swimming Upstream ljpg (1)Sometimes I suffer from tunnel blindness. I get so involved in one aspect of my art I can't see the next step. That's when it's time to back away from the sewing machine and play with a different toy. 

So much of my art is done in layers. Sheer applique is layer after layer of color and texture. I create a layer of hand dye, then add a layer of stitching, add another layer of sheers, add a solid image and then add more stitching and sheers. I don't so much design a quilt as I build one in layers.

So its a good thing to try those layers on a whole other platform. I've begun some while back to study Photoshop on Lynda.com, which is a software classroom web site. I don't know  anyone knows Photoshop. But I've learned some tricks and it's interesting it, too, works in layer. 

See how I've made this great layered image in this tutorial blog


 granville 3


granville 3aWhat did I learn?

What I've always known. All art is art is art. Playing with layers in one form is no different than playing with another form. And I learned I like white swirls, a lot!

435 swimming upstream detail




New Tutorial on making Tree Bark on the Blog:

Barking up the Right Tree

672 Willow detail3

 New Tutorial for Inn Fuse!


Part 3 of Making Dragonflies Fly is ready and up! See Ellen use free motion applique to detail and color in this great dragonfly project.




Part 2 is up!

853 dragonfly in bloom






inn fuse-4.part2 2




Because it's so simple and fun that even a pig on ice such as myself can't help but make a great dragonfly every time!


infuseAgain, we're testing out Inn Fuse the new fusible craft film from Innovative Craft. And we tested it here on


You know, the fabrics you wanted to use but you were scared. Well slide over her, over on toon 
the ice and join us. It's a lot of fun.


Part one of Making Dragonflies Fly, A step  by step tutorial on fusing sheers, lace, Angelina Fiber, Cheesecloth and Tulle with Inn Fuse, the new Fusible film from Innovative Craft. 

This tutorial will help get you up and running with a Dragonfly in moonlight, flitting over a pond. This is the first installment. We'll have the other 2 segments up shortly.

 New Products- New Projects

I've just been playing with Heat and Shapfe from Innovative Craft.. It's a moldable, dyeable felt! You can check out the leaves I made with it on my blog at


Yes. I did dye them in the crock pot.

dyed leaves 3

cycada song2


Thread Magic Summer School is over!

But you can still check it out. It's on the site blog and it's also available to you in this free book available at issuu.com

We looked at different ways to create contrast to define and spark your work with color, and the differences between color mixing and picking. 

So pick up this book, while it's free!

color outside the wheel.indd_Page_01
Color Outside the Wheel An Ebook for you!

We've had a great week. I hope you've learned some great new ways to approach color, past picking the colors off the wheel. I need to thank Caryl Bryer Fallert, Kathy Weaver, and Susan Shie for letting me explore colors in their magificent work.

french toast
French Toast, Susan Shie
Robo Sapien Agent 4
Robo Sapien Agent 4 Kathy Weaver
Feather Study 1 by Caryl Bryer Fallert
Feather Study 1 by Caryl Bryer Faller

 I need to thank Monique, Kleinhans, Rebecca Dorian Brown, Lauren Strach, Joan Davis, and Roberta Hoover Ranney for letting me put them in places of honor on the refrigerator gallery.


If you like this book , please recommend me to the guild, store, conference, or happening where you like to learn. So that we can share so much more than just class.

New Tutorials

Tutorials from Quilting Arts on Couching, Darning feet and Corded Buttonhole Binding

Etsy Store!

Since I have some unexpected medical bills ( see my blog) I'vne begun to think differently about a lot of things.I do need to figure out how to pay for it. So I'm ofering things on Etsy I've never done before.

I used to simply stash. Now I am destashing.I have a mountain of fabric that I've collected over the years. I'm going to begin to destash, and I invite you to Raid My Fabric Stash, a new Etsy store started by my truly desperate self. And remind you that I have the mother of all stash of sheers, hand dyes, and other wonders. I invite you to raid my stash. We'll have new offerings up every week. We're starting with some fabric/fiber inspiration kits.Yesterday I found amazing strips of fabric in all kinds of designer prints. What is in the bottom of the pile? I don't even think God knows. But more will be coming soon.

I'm finding wonderful stuff that ought to belong to someone else. Could it be for you? Check it out. 

If you've ever wanted a quilt of mine, this is the time. Check the web site,  see if there's a piece you would like and contact me directly. I can offer a 30-50% discount depending on the piece. Call me and we'll make that happen. I'll also list some pieces on the Etsy site just to see what happens. 

Check out my New Class Catalog!

Come check out all of Ellen's class offerings in this free class catalog on Scribd.

 here are some new quilts, a new free book for you, some new classes for your guild, 



New Pattern Book!

Get Ellen 's free new  pattern book, Patterns for Embroidery! You can download this great little pattern book from Ellen at Scribd.com

It includes dragonflies, frogs, ladybugs, wings and beetles for you do use in your work. If you're having a class it's a perfect way to prepare. If you've had class, and want more inspiration, it's great for that too. Either way, It's Ellen's gift to you.


Thread Magic Studio is on Facebook

Get fresh new news and info on Thread Magic Studio on Facebook!

 You'll find quilts and fabulous images on Ellen's Pinterest page!



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November 30, 2015
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